Handwritten Love Letters and Invitations


Sometimes a text just doesn’t cut it. Next time, send a message that really speaks volumes. Love letters are a great way to show someone you care, whether for a birthday, an anniversary or just to say ‘I’m thinking of you’. And who likes being invited to an event by notification? Handwritten invitations are perfect for those special occasions in life, giving your guests a lovely keepsake after the event.

Is your big day coming up? Order some handwritten wedding invitations to make the day even more memorable! Separated from your significant other? Send them some long distance love letters! The choice of words is up to you and you can customize them however you want – whether that be a watercolor border or vignette. They can be customized to represent the type of art, wedding venue, florals or the place where you first met.  Life needs beautiful love letters and invitations… find yours here!


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